R&D Fund Standard Projects

Overview of the R&D Fund Standard Projects (Maximum Grant of €650,000)
The R&D Fund exists to support projects which have the potential to develop novel products and services with a clear competitive advantage in their target market. This will enable companies to increase employment through sustainable and substantially increased sales.
The R&D Fund will help companies to achieve the following:
A demonstrable connection between R&D and the overall business objectives.
A culture of innovative thinking throughout the company which aims to harness the creativity of all the staff towards defined business goals.
A significant ongoing/established R&D budget.
An established R&D team with high level skills.
High quality facilities for R&D.
Good quality R&D management systems and procedures.
If your Developer Adviser (DA) instructs you that this is an ERDF project, click on ERDF Information for Clients.
Am I eligible?
You are eligible to apply if your company is an Irish based manufacturing or internationally traded services company which can show adequate cash resources to implement the proposed R&D project.  All applications will be subject to a technical and commercial assessment.
What is the maximum funding level?
The maximum R&D grant that a company can receive is €650,000. Companies seeking support in excess of this amount will be evaluated on a case by case basis by the Enterprise Ireland Investment Committee using a similar approach and grant rates as the R&D Committee.
The maximum grant rates for all companies applying to the R&D Fund is up to 50% of the total cost of the project.  Grant rates are determined by the size of your company as set out in the table below.
R and D Fund - Standard Projects
Maximum funding for projects that are innovative and technically challenging involving significant risk 
Small Companies - 45% 
Medium Companies - 35% 
Large Companies - 25% 
A collaboration bonus of up to 15% is available for innovative projects where there is collaboration between two companies, but the total maximum funding cannot exceed 50% of the total project cost. 
How do I apply?
Before you make an application for funding, you are advised to consult your Enterprise Ireland Development Adviser or your development agency adviser who can assist you if necessary. 
The first step is to:
1.View the Application Roadmap 
2.Read the Guidelines for Companies Applying to the R&D Fund
3.Complete the Project Costs Workbook and Financial Data Sheet (FDS)  to assist you.
4.Complete the Technical Project Description  for each project (to be completed by company technical staff).
5.Proceed to apply online
The R&D Fund Reference document contains full detail on the projects and activities eligible for support, and the criteria on which applications will be assessed.
Please note, for successful applicants, only eligible expenditure incurred after the call close date for which the application is submitted will be considered for funding by the approval committee. In order to be eligible for R&D support, the beneficiary must submit an application to Enterprise Ireland for support before any work on the R&D project starts.
Call close dates:
Applications for funding will be considered on a monthly call basis. Completed online applications must be submitted on or before 6.00pm on the call close date.
The call close date is always the last working day of each month.
Key contact/more information
Clients of Enterprise Ireland and Údaras na Gaeltachta should contact their Development Adviser. If you are not a client of Enterprise Ireland, please contact your local Enterprise Ireland regional office. 
For general enquiries on the R&D Fund, please contact:
Maura Shields
Enterprise Ireland
+353 1 727 2224
For more information on Enterprise Ireland supports for research and innovation, go to Research and Innovate section on their Website.